Scary Ghost


Gunne Hellström.

26. cis male. gay.

6'1. Swedish.

Gunne is a social shut in and suffers from cotard's syndrome. He has a rather depressing atmosphere around him... Aside from this, he's easy to get along with. While naturally blonde, his hair is usually dyed a kind of Joker-ish green, but it always fades into a yellow-green rather quickly. Despite his skittish and gloomy personality, he has very powerful shrieky black metal vocals and a mellow singing voice. Sometimes, he plays melodicas during the few times they perform live. His melodicas are an eastrock 37 key soprano and a vintage 70’s hohner alto. He's an enjoyer of salmiakki, much to everyone else's disgust.

He's incredibly antisocial and doesn't go into public that much, which is a reason why interviews with the band and concerts aren't common. His shyness extends to most of his life, and he mostly works from home, as well. While the newest member of the band and the only member that didn't know the others during their highschool years, he is very close with all of them. He has a (seemingly) unrequited crush on Ven.

Gunne was made into a vcv UTAU on July 24th 2021!


Bands Deafheaven, My Bloody Valentine, Morbid, Woods of Desolation, Leviathan, Mayhem, Xasthur
Misc sweaters, cold weather, salmiakki, hot chocolate, dogs
books No Longer Human, The Myth of Sisyphus, The Stranger, Watership Down