Dance Dance Revolution DDR Purple


Kittie Anacrusis.

24. trans female. lesbian.

6'0. Pakistani.

An avid fan of grindcore and BL, Kittie is one of the more eccentric ones of the band. Despite the band’s blackgaze focus, she is talented at blast beats and other fast, intense drumming. She presents herself as snarky, facetious, an unbothered, but she's very caring about her friends. However, she can be a little snappy. Popular amongst the band’s fanbase online and in the local scene, she has amassed a large following for herself. While she seems cool to them, she's actually a little neurotic and picky about small details. She's also a huge nerd, but fans are quite aware of this; it's probably an appeal for many of them. Kittie chose her name after the nu-metal band KITTIE.

She has a pet Norwegian forest cat that she has given a slew of quite unfortunate names, but she most commonly shortens it to "DMT Elf." She loves Elf more than anything else, but Elf seems to take more of a liking towards Ven. Other than this, she takes a liking to teasing Gunne most of the day, and is Marceline's best friend and girlfriend.


Bands Kittie, Anaal Nathrakh, BABYMETAL, Utsu-P, Sachiel, Machinegirl, Blasphemy, Shinsei Kamattechan, 0.1g no gosan
Misc loud noises, drums, kittens, plaid skirts, chokers, sweets, pink
Visual novels Higurashi, Tsukihime, DMMD, Umineko, Lamento, NTY!!!, Enzai, Fate/Stay Night, euphoria