Marceline Lachapelle.

24. bigender. bisexual.

5'3. Haitian.

Marceline is the “manager” of the band and seems to be the most mature and level headed on the surface, but she is far from it. The only reason for these assumptions is because she is a lot calmer and a lot less strange than the rest of the band. Marceline is a driving creative force behind the band, and heavily supported the direction Gunne took it in after he joined. She plays a glarry 36inch burning style electric guitar named Shirou. It’s kind of big compared to her. Marceline takes a liking to piercings and tattoos, and is heavily covered in both of them. Despite this, seeing blood easily freaks her out- she also has terrible stagefright.

Besides this, Marceline also has a unique ability to be able to speak to ghosts and other undead creatures. She accidentally summoned a very pissed off ghost who has been possessing the house and trying to get on everyone's nerves, but no one besides Marceline has seemed to realize this yet.


Bands Alcest, Liturgy, Locrian, Krallice, Darkthrone, Altar of Plagues, Death Grips
Misc philosophy, literature, vampires, Halloween, music theory, cool swords, Monster energy
Books One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, The Divine Comedy, Anti-Oedipus, Murder on the Orient Express, House of Leaves