Dance Dance Revolution DDR Blue


Fenrisúlfr "Ven" Storstrand.

???. nonbinary male. gay.

6'5. Inuk-Norwegian.

Fenrisúlfr, or Ven for short, is an intimidating man with a piercing blue gaze. He has severe hearing loss and is narcoleptic. There's a very gloomy atmosphere surrounding him, but despite his size, he's quiet and elusive. He rarely ever speaks and has a permanent resting bitch face. He’s popular with fans, but due to his mysteriousness … he’s also popular with girls in the local scene, and seems to have at least 3-5 new girlfriends every month. Despite his antisocialness, he's very kind to animals, and can be feeding stray cats all the time. His bass is custom built to look like a massive axe; it seems to be able to function as both, though it's only ever been used as one...

Like Gunne, he is antisocial and quiet for the most part, but not because he considers himself shy. He just doesn't feel the need to talk; because of this, even those both to him (band members and his parents) rarely get to hear his voice. When he does speak, his voice is noticably deep but quiet. Because he used to live in Norway for most of his life, he also has a Norwegian accent.


Bands Pissgrave, Infernal Coil, Beherit, Darkthrone, Leviathan, Wolves in the Throne Room
Misc coffee, dark chocolate, animals, maids, weightlifting
Animals raccoons, kitties, wolves, puppies